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Project Management Expertise — Glassline
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Project Management Expertise



Glassline’s Project Management Department employs a team of highly qualified, dynamic and multi-disciplinary engineers with extensive local and international experience in design and execution of complex building envelopes, metallic structures, roofs and skylights.

Our Project Managers nurture a close and transparent relationship with all project stakeholders, implementing the best practices and overseeing the project’s development while focusing on quality, time, cost and client satisfaction.

Glassline’s Project Management team’s know-how in successfully handling large scale multi-trade projects extends from planning to turnkey implementation. Through our international experience, we have gained the versatility of fast mobilization in any country where we wish to operate and our synergies in engineering, production, logistics and installation enable us the realization of the most complex projects.

”The expertise within Glassine Team was evident, paying attention to details especially to the Client’s requirements. From the very beginning, Glassline exceeded all expectations for both our Client and Bouygues.”
“The Project Stakeholders were very pleased with the quality of workmanship, and their safety compliance procedures. We recommend and verify Glassline’s ability to perform quality projects with an exemplary work ethic”.

“Throughout the execution of the different phases of the Project, Glassline Industries sal has committed itself to high standards in the quality of the design, execution and finishing, and at all times adhered to the Project milestones.”
Arivantha Sewnath | Commercial Manager - Bouygues Nigeria Limited
Ihab Z. Al Sharif | Project Director- CCC/TCC JV
Alain Chaussade | Project Manager – Bouygues Batiment Int’l Cyprus Branch