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Glassline | Partners - Facades customized Solutions, Vitrocsa Agent in Middle East.
WICONA – Reinventing the City VITROCSA – Minimalist Window MDE – Design Detail LANIK – Turnkey Solutions
Unitized Curtain Wall Installation in Cyprus, Facades customized Solutions, Vitrocsa Agent in Middle East.
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WICONA – Reinventing the City

The strategic alliance between Glassline and Wicona provides customized solutions that meet clients’ specific design and engineering requirements. Wicona’s technical team is present and hands-on at the execution and supervision stages of all Glassline projects.

Wicona was established in Germany in 1948 and has been successfully active in the market under the umbrella of Sapa, the word leader in aluminum solutions. Wicona, the specialist in technical façades, develops and markets aluminum systems for façades, doors, windows, sliding systems and shutters, in addition to stainless steel façade systems. Wicona is a pioneer in sustainable and energy-neutral buildings, using technologies which allow savings in energy consumption, reduction in costs and better quality of life. Through its extensive research and development and its modern testing center in Ulm, the company develops innovative, technical systems in full accordance with the strictest European norms.

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VITROCSA – Minimalist Window

Glassline are Vitrocsa’s sole representatives in Lebanon, Oman, Jordan, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Turkmenistan, Iraq and Cyprus.

Developed in 1993 by Orchidées Constructions SA, Vitrocsa’s minimalistic profiles are the result of a passion for architecture, rigorous research and development, testing and patented certifications. Vitrocsa has revolutionized the conventional principles behind window construction by making the frameless glass take on the load-bearing role formerly assumed by the frame. The Vitrocsa system has a vast range of possible combinations offering an infinite range of versions and solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs, including sliding system, curved version, pivoting structure, invisible frame, guillotine, turnable corner, and more.

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MDE – Design Detail

Austrian-based Metal Design Engineering (MDE) is one of Europe’s largest and most successful façade design and engineering firms. MDE is specialized in the design and engineering of curtain walls, unitized systems, stick systems, metal structures, point glazed (spider) walls including support frames such as glass fins, tensioned cable trusses, skylights and canopies and cladding and roofing.

Glassline and Metal Design Engineering (MDE) structural engineers work jointly on customized engineering solutions that answer the conceptual design challenges of architects and consultants. Through the latest innovative systems and materials, the “dematerialization” of façades and structures is achieved, thus allowing for the highest levels of transparency while ensuring structural integrity and providing sustainable solutions. Projects executed with MDE benefit from MDE’s Professional Design Liability Insurance.

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LANIK – Turnkey Solutions

Since 1977, LANIK has been offering its own designed structural solutions in terms of single layer structures, space frames and retractable roofs with special consideration to manufacturing and assembly methodology. Through its in-house developed CAD system, LANIK generates an optimal geometry for each project, then a mathematical modeling to perform structural analysis, verifying the individual elements of the designed structure. LANIK’s CAM system is network-connected to its CNC machines at their production facilities, thus allowing the design and manufacturing to be seamlessly integrated.

The partnership between Glassline and LANIK focuses on the execution of single-layer or transparent structures, which allow architects and engineers to design authentic “shells” with a total absence of structural elements, decreasing the thickness, and making it look as if they defy the laws of physics.

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